Lawn & Ornamental Fertilization in Cape Coral, FL

Lawn & Ornamental Fertilization in Cape Coral, FL

Elite Lawn Care Specialist

We have the best quality fertilization, disease, weed and outdoor pest control program in Southwest Florida.

At Just Like Rain, we understand that there is more to a beautiful landscape than just the general maintenance most homeowners only can handle. Also we usually see homeowners misdiagnosing their lawn problem and treating it incorrectly. A great example would be a client treating for cinch bugs at finding out later they had it confused with a fungus . This happen more often than not, save yourself time, money and destroying your beautiful lawn. Give us a call, 239-272-2911 for a professional diagnosis today!

Expert Ornamental Fertilization

Expert Ornamental Fertilization

Southwest Florida's trees, shrubs and other herbaceous ornamentals benefit from properly fertilizing them. Let us take the stress off of you by making sure your landscape plants are ready for the growing season, looking healthy and beautiful. Just Like Rain, has a great team of skilled team members that are ready to take care of all your landscaping needs. Give us a call today, 239-272-2911. We keep it Green and keep Growing!

Just Like Rain Services Offered

  • Full Inspection of Lawn
  • Soil Anaylsis
  • Lawn Fertilizer
  • Plant & Tree Disease Control
  • Plant & Tree Fertilizer
  • Ornamental Grass Fertilizer
  • Shrub Fertilizer
  • Weed Control
  • Fungus Control
  • Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control
  • Whitefly Control
  • Palm Tree Care - Injections and Drenching
  • Ficus Treatments
  • Exotic Grasses
  • Sedge Control
  • Flower Garden Fertilizer
  • Chinch Bugs Control
  • Moles Removal
  • Fire Ant Control

There is no need to call anyone else....

At Just Like Rain we treat your lawn as if it was our own. We only use the best and safest products available to treat our clients landscapes. We are fully trained professional, experts and have been serving the Southwest Florida area for over 12 years. Give us a call today, 239-272-2911.

Our expert team here at, Just Like Rain is always up-to-date with the latest techniques, and are sincerely committed to making sure the job is done right the first time. We guarantee to get your grass, shrubs and trees green & keep them growing! Give us a call Today, 239-272-2911.

Don't forget to ask about our same day service promise!