Palm Tree Care in Cape Coral, FL

Palm Tree Care in Cape Coral, FL

We want to make sure your Palm and other trees live a long, healthy life...

Palm trees need to be treated with care just like other scrubs and your lawn. To keep them growing and healthy we recommend twice a year fertilization and routine watering. The unfortunate part, your palms are also susceptible to disease and insects and when they are not taken care of - the attacks can be fatal.

Don't fear, at Just Like Rain we have a process called Palm Tree Injections and this is the only way to treat most threat to your palm trees. We use a deep penetration method, where we can inject both fertilization and disease control products effectively. This will easily spread throughout the entire tree and bring it back to life again.

Just Like Rain is the right team for your Palm tree care and other tree needs

We offer the highest quality of service with our elite team of specialist. All of our products are the best and safest available for your lawn to treat your insect and pest problems. We guarantee premium service to all of our clients and your lawn is treated like it's our own family's lawn. Give us a call today 239-272-2911.

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